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The Future of Motorsport is here

Circuito do Sol is Europe’s newest motorsport venue – and the first to be specifically designed for eco-sustainability and the testing and racing of EVs. More than just a race track, it will also be Europe’s first true Motorsport Resort Community, giving motorsport driver-enthusiasts and professionals a new year round, full-service venue for testing, track-days, and racing in the beautiful Alentejo region of south Portugal.

Circuito do Sol brings together a world-class race circuit, resort-level driver and team facilities, a technology development parc, and the opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts to make Alentejo, Portugal a home-base for their track passion.

A facility designed specifically for


A discreet and private full-service facility perfect for corporate activities ranging from development track-testing, to employee and dealer training, to press and customer hospitality events

Event Organizers

An exciting and challenging circuit for track-day and club racing events, supported by full hospitality offerings and on-site technical support – year round!

Racing Teams

A versatile facility to support driver and technical testing and development on a year-round basis. A winter “home base” for teams to stay active during the off-season, at the centre of 8 Iberian circuits

Individual Drivers

A unique Membership opportunity to join a community of Driver-Enthusiasts who share your motorsport passion. Membership includes 50 days of track access per year and car storage.

The Track

Carved into the undulating Alentejo landscape, Circuito do Sol has created a 3.5 km circuit inspired by the most thrilling curves and corners of the world’s great racing circuits – those revered by motorsport enthusiasts the world over. Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew, Spa’s Eau Rouge, the LeMans Porsche Curves – the new circuit has been contoured to emulate these skill-challenging sensations.

Circuito do Sol is designed to be safe but challenging, technical and exciting, and with a balance suited to a wide range of cars and bikes, as well as EVs. The track allows for multiple configurations, including the ability to run two track activities simultaneously – with more enhancements and extensions planned for the future.

Full Track: 3.5 km, 23 corners
GT Track: 3.0 km, 18 corners
Club Semi-Circuit: 1.4 km, 11 corners, lighting
South Semi-Circuit: 2.0 km, 11 corners
Karting Track: 700m, 7 corners, lighting

Operating 360 Days/year, up to 24 hours/day

For Brands & Manufacturers

Circuito do Sol is the preferred test and new model launch facility for (electric) car manufacturers and brands.

In a controlled setting brands can test prototypes, evaluate performances and fine-tune prior to launch. Such companies use Circuito do Sol for durability testing, functional performance, brake testing etc. We enable engineering tasks of validation and verification by offering our innovative R-link vehicle data acquisition system for vehicle testing.

The venue is designed to host exclusive and personalized events, such as new model launches, demonstrations and presentations. Our team will help organize a unique event, aligned with the goal, needs, budget and brand reputation.

Next to that Circuito do Sol upholds a high level of discretion and security to protect the commercial interests of our customers. The facilities are hidden from outside view.

  • Safe, controlled and secluded motorsport facility with outstanding privacy measures

  • Well-equipped test track with best value for money

  • High-quality engineers and advanced data systems on-site

  • 3D printer for quick fabrication of spare components

  • Exclusive hospitality opportunities for new model launches and related events

  • A versatile motorsport venue in Southern-Europe with a challenging racetrack

  • A unique event location in Portugal, designed to captivate the audience

  • Trackside garages with open layout: suitable for presentations or events

  • High-quality engineers and advanced data systems on-site available

  • Comprehensive & customized solutions: transport, accommodation, racing, dining and experiencing the Alentejo region

For Event organizers

Circuito do Sol is the favourite track for professional organizers of track days and other motorsport related events. We offer them and their customers a full-service experience, not only for race enthusiasts but also for private corporate events and brand presentations.

We know event organizers are always on the lookout for new, unique venues to host launches, demonstrations or other types of promotional events. By choosing for Circuito do Sol these organizing companies prove that they are running ahead of the competition while offering their relations the perfect venue for a VIP experience. At Circuito do Sol corporate events are transformed into memorable experiences.

Our comprehensive motorsport facility focusses on eco-friendliness and sustainability. This means no big diesel generators but a solar-powered and self-sustaining venue with local cuisine, wine, craft products, and nature activities.

For Racing teams

Circuito do Sol is the home base for a growing number of international racing teams. Several North-European race teams have chosen Circuito do Sol as their hub for winter racing in the South of Europe. They enjoy numerous services like storing cars, trailers & equipment, testing vehicles and sim training for all circuits in the area.

They are attracted by the beautiful location in the Alentejo region with 300 sunny days per year, which extends the otherwise limited season substantially. On top of that, Circuito do Sol is uniquely located in the center of a track cluster in Southern-Europe which enables teams to race on more than 8 tracks against minimal operation & transportation costs.

Racing teams are also offered extensive driver & team facilities, a technology development parc and a versatile infrastructure. We provide everything from preparation & set-ups to full track facilities including our innovative car & track connectivity system R-Link. We have on-site Circuito do Sol experienced technicians and engineers available, for car optimization and mechanical support as well as for training purposes of the teams’ technicians.

  • Versatile motorsport venue located in the center of a track cluster in Southern-Europe

  • Prolonged season with 300 sunny days per year, operating 24/7 365 days without noise restrictions

  • Safe storage, testing and workshop available for high-end racing teams, looking to have their home base with race-enthusiasts

  • Competitive racing packages with excellent value compared to other venues, making team racing a viable and enjoyable business

  • Experienced Circuito do Sol technicians available and access to R-link for revolutionary car & track connectivity

  • Comprehensive & customized solutions: transport, accommodation, racing, dining and experiencing the Alentejo region

  • Exciting racetrack in South Europe with 300 sunny days per year, operating 24/7/365 without noise restrictions

  • Focused to maximize the time spent racing

  • Tailored multi-track experiences in Portugal and Spain

  • Exclusive Circuito do Sol Club membership options

For Individual drivers

Circuito do Sol offers race enthusiasts the opportunity to make Alentejo, Portugal the home base for their track passion. Because time of a gentleman driver is precious, the CdS team is dedicated to facilitate in any way to maximize the time spent racing. We take care of transportation, accommodation and car & gear storage. During racing mechanics and engineers are standing by for quick repairs or performance optimizations.

Located near Serpa, on the border of Portugal and Spain we spoil motorsport lovers not only with a new exciting racetrack, but also with fantastic organic food, great wines and on-site villas.

At our 24/7/365 circuit with no noise limitations drivers can race in excellent weather conditions all year round. We provide them with a challenging and thrilling experience no matter their skill level or vehicle. From Radical sports cars up to historic F1, GT and supercars.

With our Circuito do Sol club membership those with a passion for performance driving can benefit from exclusive packages that include member days, racing days and access to the Drivers lodge. Contact us for more information on our membership packages.

The Circuito do Sol Experience

At Circuito do Sol we know how valuable time is for our guests. This is why we provide support on all levels so they can focus on racing.

We are not only a home base for storage, but we arrange personal and vehicle transportation as well, to and from the venue and with or without car & gear.

Circuito do Sol acts as hub: we can book tracks to enable multi-track racing in Portugal and Spain.

With our track simulator and coaching for all major European circuits drivers can get the best out of themselves. Dedicated engineers & mechanics are on-site to boost performance and maximize the racing time.

With near-site and future on-site accommodation, facilities and a restaurant we bring off track leisure and activities for race passionates and their family.

Circuito do Sol: a comprehensive experience for race enthusiasts tailored to their every need.

CDS Engineering

CDS Engineering acts as science hub for new technologies that support future racing. Established in symbiosis with Circuito do Sol, CDS Engineering takes advantage of the venue’s unique sustainable infrastructure for test and development of automotive vehicles and parts. We strive to develop an innovative Industry 4.0 digital enterprise that excels in the automotive sector.

CDS Engineering offers full-service development and production solutions, including dynamic road simulation, testing on test-beds and real life driving on the circuit. Our comprehensive service allows us to be a one stop shop for customers. From rapid prototyping and testing to producing complete vehicles and parts; we can provide dedicated support.

R–Link is the next generation of car, pit & track connectivity and communications. R–Link brings ultra-high accuracy and low latency to real-time data, voice, and video streams. The 14mm precision for Track & Tracing and the automated integral penalty & safety system allow for all track users to boost performance and race safely & fair.

  • CDS Engineering is the development team behind the ER1 Electric race car

  • R–Link: the next generation of race control to boost performance and race safely & fair

  • Advanced simulator software to test cars that are not allowed to be tested outside the official championship

  • Workshops fitted with a full range of state-of-the-art equipment ranging from CAD development to industrial-grade metal and composite 3D printers

  • Mechanics & engineering Academy in collaboration with Polytechnic Setubal University


Circuito do Sol Resort & Villas

Currently Circuito do Sol is starting with the design of the 4* hotel and the construction of 14 luxury villas on the race venue. The villas are available for purchase for race enthusiasts that are looking to have their private accommodation on-premise with Circuito do Sol.

Future plans for 2025 include the development of:

  • a venue restaurant focused on local cuisine

  • a relaxing spa, wellness facilities and main pool

  • a well-equipped gym

  • a tennis court and outdoor sports facilities

  • a trackside pool

About us

Circuito do Sol combines in one facility a solar-powered and ecologically sustainable racing venue tailored to electric motorsport, a race resort for motorsport enthusiasts, a science hub for the new technologies needed to support future racing and a motorsport academy to train the next generation of drivers, mechanics and engineers.

Our mission is to build and operate the world’s first fully sustainable circuit venue.

Our vision is to become the preferred location for Electrical Vehicle testing and launches.

Circuito do Sol is the passion project of a group of motorsport veterans who have a long track record of success in all aspects of motorsport, having won multiple championships as drivers, technicians, and team managers, all across Europe.

From new driver training, to organizing club racing championships, to competing at the highest levels of national championships. We are applying this same methodical approach to wining to the creation of the unique Circuito do Sol resort.

Meet the driving forces behind Circuito do Sol:

Lars Lindberg | Chairman

Motion and innovation are a running theme throughout the life of Lars Lindberg. During his long and diverse career he gained more than 20 years of experience as airline pilot, test pilot and developments, and several management positions. Lars Lindberg has been CEO at several start-ups and also led large innovative projects in Sweden, France, UAE, Spain and now Portugal.

Raul Garcia | CEO

Born with a passion for cars and racing, Raul Garcia has always been working in the field. From being a mechanic working for Formula 3, to working with Formula 1 cars as Technical Director of a high-end race circuit, to building a successful racing team in several European championships. Raul Garcia is now determined to offer clients of Circuito do Sol the best race experience they have ever had.

João Charraz | COO

João Charraz is a very talented leader and team builder, born and raised ten minutes away from Circuito do Sol’s location. He is a true jack of all trades who has managed several teams in different areas. His focus on execution consistently delivers great results. As COO at Circuito do Sol João is motivated to provide a great environment that inspires passion.

Mark Ryhorski | Board Director

An entrepreneur and business builder, Mark’s career has ranged from strategy consulting to private equity to exec roles at multiple automakers and motorsport businesses. Combining this with his passion for “participation motorsport” brought Mark together with Lars and Raul to create their shared vision for Europe’s first Motorsport Resort Community and sustainable automotive test and development facility.

Andreas Zielke | Board Director

Andreas led the global automotive practice of the preeminent global management consultancy for more than a decade, gaining unparalleled experience and a great network of executive contacts within this industry. More recently, Andreas has built a diverse portfolio of investments in the motorsports, hospitality, and media production sectors to which he contributes his business acumen and experience.

Contact US

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